What our clients are saying....

Great Representation

I seldom do reviews, but felt compelled to do so in this case because of the excellent experience I had with Tiasha Wray. Tiasha gave me a fair assessment of my case; good and bad, and was extremely cost conscious. She made sure I understood what my chances were and the kind of money it might take if my case went to trial.
Effective communication is a two-way street and she was always quick to respond to my many e-mails and phone calls. In the end, she came up with a great solution to my case, one that saved me a significant amount in legal expenses. But that’s the kind of attorney she is. This is the reason I have already recommended her to others, and felt compelled to do this review. I don’t think you can find better representation.
— Client, October 2015
Efficient,Knowledgable, Kind and Respectful

Working with Ms. Wray was by far the best experience I have had with anyone in the legal profession. I got the results I wanted due to her excellent advice and guidance. She made the process quick and painless...

I highly recommend her for your legal needs!
— Client, September 2015
Great Lawyer!

Ms. Wray was very professional and knowledgeable. Going to court is never an easy situation, especially when dealing with domestic issues. However, she was very empathetic to my situation and put my mind at ease. I ended up winning my case, much to my relief. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. Thanks so much for helping me through a difficult situation, Ms. Wray. It is very much appreciated.
— Client, September 2015
Look No Further: Ms. Wray Is a Knowledgable, Effective, and Experienced Litigator

Locating and selecting the right attorney for our matter was a daunting task. We knew the quality of representation we received would have lasting effects on the well being of our family. As time passed and our court date fast approached, we still had not found a lawyer. Some attorneys we spoke to were very knowledgeable but were far above what we could afford. Others were affordable but did not demonstrate the knowledge and vigor we sought in a litigator. We were running out of time and knew we would have to make concessions in our selection process; that is until we met Tiasha Wray.

From the moment we met Ms. Wray, she demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and courteousness. Ms. Wray carefully listened to all details surrounding our case and showed us great empathy as she spoke of her experience in matters such as ours. Ms. Wray carefully explained to us the anticipated work involved in representing us and was very transparent when discussing cost of representation. It was a huge relief to us to be able to find such a knowledgeable attorney with fair, value-driven pricing. After discussing a bit of strategy, we made the decision to hire Ms. Wray.

Although we had very limited time to prepare for our court date, Ms. Wray worked quickly and tirelessly to put together an effective defense strategy for our case. Don’t let Ms. Wray’s age fool you, she is an experienced attorney with a great amount of knowledge. She thoroughly answered all of our questions, addressed all of our concerns and demonstrated she was well prepared to defend us in court.

Ms. Wray was exemplary in representing us on the day of our trail. She knew our case inside and out and was meticulous when answering questions from the judge and the district attorney. Ms. Wray fought for us every step of the way and was able to adapt her defense as she had planned with us. Through her knowledge and experience in the courtroom, it was no surprise that we were successful in obtaining a favorable ruling.

After finally taking a welcome sigh of relief, new questions came to mind surrounding our case. Even after fulfilling her legal obligation to us, Ms. Wray continued to demonstrate her commitment to service. She answered all of our new questions and made a wholehearted effort to ensure we were taken care of.

We are so thankful for Ms. Wray and can’t recommend her enough. She is courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and direct. She is a strong litigator and a compassionate person. She is an excellent communicator inside and outside of the court room. I am still amazed by how fast she responds to our emails. If you value these things in an attorney, than look no further than Ms. Tiasha Wray.
— Client, November 2015
New Star of Law

To be so young she displays so much toughness but yet fair play as well in the court. Ms. Wray was always well- prepared ...I’m sure I will be hearing great things about her in the future. We need more attorney ‘s of Law like Ms.Wray. Thank you again for all your support .
— Client, September 2015